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  • Vibration Isolation / Absorption Material

    PMP owns excellent technology and equipment for changing macromolecules polymer to meet specific needs and physical characteristics of materials. Our products can pass long-term, strict REL tests.

    PMP company regularly check the mass production products, such as bio-compatible test, cytotoxicity test, FDA material related tests, medical and environmental regulated substance…etc to make sure they are compliant to international and customer’s requirements.

    Examples of shock absorbing material

    3C products’ major sources of shock disturbance can be divided as below,

        1. Spinning and vibrating components inside the system, such as hard drive, fan, speaker,…etc.
        2. Disturbance from the outside, such as bump and drop caused by human.

    To prevent disturbance, the most efficient solution is to put shock absorbing component into a product, such as high damping foot pad, shock absorbing foam, shock absorbing hanging component or high damping protective case.

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