Dissimilar Material Bonding Products

PMP owns excellent technology and equipment for changing macromolecules polymer to meet specific needs and physical characteristics of materials. Our products can pass long-term, strict REL tests.

PMP company regularly check the mass production products, such as biocompatible test, cytotoxicity test, FDA material related tests, medical and environmental regulated substance…etc to make sure they are compliant to international and customer’s requirements.

Dissimilar Material Bonding Products

PMP dissimilar material bonding products and technology is world leading in the industry: Innovation and manufacturer of material for technology products protective case in the world.

PMP is proficient in molecule structure and polymer physical characteristics. We can create strong bonding between many different types of materials (rubber, metal, glass, plastic, fabric) by using our chemical treatment. The strong chemical bonding can withstand strict reliability tests, and there is no peeling off issue

  • In order to fulfill products’ functional and appearance requirements, we choose material according to its characteristics and make good use of it. Dissimilar material bonding can easily meet specific requirements, such as shock absorbing, water proof and appearance needs.
  • Rubber flows well inside the tool. It only needs 0.02mm or less gap for the material to flow. Thus, dissimilar material bonding products can have good appearance. It also requires excellent inserted parts and advanced tooling skills.
  • Dissimilar material bonding products can be really small, tiny and thin. The products can pass long term REL tests, such as thermal shock, high temperature and humidity, Q-SUN and Q-UV.
  • A product can be hard and soft at the same time. Parting line is almost invisible. Products are elegant and sophisticated.

  • PMP has 40years’ of manufacturing and equipment experiences, and is able to improve and amend the disadvantages of cross-linking reaction to acquire globally indicative technology product with high quality but competitive pricing.


    Dissimilar Material Bonding Products

    Environmentally friendly process with by-product H2O that benefits the earth.

    Note 1:The product is a combination of different materials through molecular bonding reaction, so which can pass various of REL test.

    Note 2: The dissimilar materials bonding product requires precise tool design and manufacturing, and through automated process coordination can the perfect quality be achieved.


    “The highest technique in chemical engineering is to make the products without bringing damage to the earth.”